Welcome to Diablotoona.com. We offer complete tuning solutions for your late model Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and GM vehicle. From simple bolt ons, to race ready twin turbo stroker setups, we have you covered.  Make your vehicle perform better at idle, cruise and wide-open throttle through a custom calibration specifically setup for your mods, fuel type, driving style and location.

    We offer dyno tuning in the South Florida area and we are available to come to you.  We also offer full mail order calibrations with very competitive pricing. Calibration services ALWAYS encompass the entire drive cycle, from idling and cruising up to and including wide open throttle.


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First impression:  WOW!   Not sure what changes you made, but the Jeep is far more responsive and feels much more powerful.  For the first time ever, stuff flew out of my left side cubby into my lap...well done!  The shifts feel quicker too.

 Al L


I installed the tune, and drove the car around a bit and parked it, this was earlier in the day. I just got back from a 30 min round trip to the next town for some bolts, on my way back I floored it and holy hell the car pulled strong throughout the rpm range.

Rafael R


Hi Johan, I got home from work late. I was able to write the tune to the car and take it for a quick run...Wow! It feels so light and crisp! Even at idle I could hear and feel a difference. .Thank you so much, I'll get you an update tomorrow.

Rick H


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